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Power Hours

So what's a Power Hour?

A power hour is a drinking experience for you and your friends. The rules are simple: Every minute, you take a shot of beer (or wine, or whatever else tickles your fancy).

To help you keep track of this, Rick has created a whole slew of music video mash ups. Each clip is a minute long, so when the song changes you know it's time to drink.

What You'll Need


Alcohol. If you choose beer, one 12oz beer can fill a shot glass 8 times. 60 minutes/8 equals 7.5, so about 7 and a half beers per person.


1 shot glass for each person participating.


Some speakers to hook up to whatever you plan on watching the power hours on.


Friends. Or not, if you're the kind of person to crush beers by yourself. In other words, an awesome person.